Changing the consciousness of leaders

The world is shifting and changing at a pace previously unimagined, which requires a new set of navigational qualities profoundly different from what we know.  Those who survive will need to reimagine a world which consumes our products and services in a radically different way.  

I work with aspiring businesses with a desire to move beyond the conventional to co-create people solutions which unbridle the energy and creativity of diverse teams. My leadership ethos is essentially about connecting purpose, people and culture, enabling you to pivot and realign your strategy to meet changing business needs.  

How are you and your teams responding to the current crisis? Are you just surviving, or are you purposefully reimagining the future? How can I help you to build a stronger, more inclusive culture and the agility to adapt more quickly to change?

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My Story

Sharon Nash, MSc, CFCIPD

Change & Transformation Consultant/Leadership Coach/Non Executive Director

For nearly 20 years, I have worked with leaders and their teams to navigate uncertainty and turn their business aspirations into inspiring realities.  Having overcome seemingly impossible transitions in my own personal and professional life, I have a profound belief that as humans we have an instinctive and often untapped capacity for resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. My passion is helping others to extricate themselves from the kind of leader they think they need to be in these turbulent times and move forward with a clear sense of purpose. In doing that, my ambition is to help leaders to cultivate the resilience that they need to face tough challenges in a way that is true and authentic to who they really are. 

A desert road with the inscription 2018

Helping leaders and their teams to thrive through uncertainty

Team Talk

Leadership Development 

Why should anyone choose to follow you as a leader?

Do you believe you have the right qualities to deeply engage the people around your leadership table right now? Or are you struggling to get everyone on the same page? During these times of disruption and uncertainty, a new era of relational leadership is needed to steer businesses through challenge and complexity.
This type of leadership transcends the traditional model of role-based transactional activity. It is a way of engaging where trust is intrinsic to getting things done, and where the focus is firmly placed on peak effectiveness, not just operational efficiency.  This new way of thinking about leadership also requires intimate knowledge of the combined assets of your leadership team and an ability to predict each other’s behaviour. 
I can help you to create the space and provide the tools which will enable you to discover your leadership strengths and preferences, uncover any potential tensions or conflicts that might occur, and build a strong foundation of trust. This will help you to distinguish more clearly the  tangible possibilities for growing your teams and your business.

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Leadership Coaching

Working together to find your true source of power

Have you ever felt an accumulating sense of fragmentation and disenchantment with your leadership repertoire? Or maybe you are holding on so tightly to control that you struggle to allow your true self to emerge?

I use a positive psychology-based approach to help leaders:

1. Identify helpful and unhelpful patterns of behaviour

2. Utilise their strengths to unblock performance barriers and accelerate positive action

3. Maintain focus on the path of possibility to get real and measurable results. 

My ultimate aim is to work with leaders in the moment, to create awareness of their blind spots, and help them to take positive action and move forward with a clearer sense of purpose.  What could we work on now that would move you one step closer to your vision? Let's start a conversation with a free initial coaching consultation.

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Business Consulting

Connecting strategy, leadership and culture

What aspects of your business keep you awake at night? Perhaps you are struggling to see clearly the path to sustaining a profitable business? Or maybe you aspire to get greater alignment between your strategy and existing culture?

I help businesses to transform by creating strategies which enable them to visualise the path towards long-term organisational aims. 

As a seasoned Interim Director, Consultant and experienced Business Leader in both corporate and start-up environments, I utilise my business insights to get to the root of business issues, build trust and mobilise energy towards shared objectives, and deliver sustainable outcomes for my clients. One of my core strengths is my ability to help leaders see their challenges from different perspectives and make more conscious decisions about how to act. My experience of coaching leadership teams through complex transformations also enables me to bring clarity, focus and accountability to projects, and help to steer organisations through difficult transitions. 

My core services unify strategy, leadership, culture and diversity, and include strategic planning, defining vision and values, leading business and HR transformation initiatives, and helping to create cultures where individuals can play to their unique strengths and qualities. Please contact me for a free initial consultation on your most pressing business challenge.

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"Sharon was engaged by Jungle Creations at a pivotal time in our startup journey to assess the health of our business. She engaged the team on multiple levels to build an environment of trust and openness, which enabled the business to get a clearer understanding of its strengths and development opportunities.  Her sharp focus on how the culture drives performance was particularly influential in enacting real change in the business.  Sharon inspired the trust of the C-suite through her knowledge and experience and the appropriateness and practicalities of the strategies that she recommended.   Professional and sensitive to the needs of others, I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon to those seeking to deliver impactful change in a way that engages teams at a deep and meaningful level".

Nat Poulter, Chief Operating Officer,  Jungle Creations

"Sharon has proven to be an invaluable resource as our business moves from startup to scale up. Her knowledge of how to navigate change and her ability to quickly assess and triage any difficult situations is second to none. I’d feel lost without her!

Damian Collier, CEO, Blend Media

“Sharon has played an instrumental role in shaping a comprehensive strategy for complex culture change with SIEE, including moving to a Cloud-based HCM platform, engineering global business process improvements, and realignment of the existing HR structure and support models. Sharon has critically analysed complex data to present a compelling business case for HR transformation, achieving executive level sign off. She is an incisive and discerning Change Director with a strong commercial outlook and is accomplished at thinking laterally to integrate complex business challenges. Sharon has an engaging and collaborative leadership style and works to mobilise global teams and deliver strong results. She brings energy, presence and enthusiasm to projects and would be a great asset to any change programme. I have no hesitation in recommending her”.

Mary Timlin, VPHR, Sony Computer

Entertainment Europe

"What sets Sharon apart as a strategic partner is her understanding and connectivity to the business. She sees challenges from a number of perspectives, combining commercialism, HR & OD expertise and personal integrity to deliver great results. Sharon brings leadership, energy and enthusiasm to the most challenging projects, using exceptional analytical and intuitive skills to get to the crux of what needs to be done. She sets extremely high standards and mobilises and drives others to succeed".

Paul Johnson, MD, Coutts

"Sharon is a trusted business partner who is well regarded by the business for her commercial outlook and strategic thinking. She demonstrates real confidence around her subject matter and brings insight and challenge to the leadership table. Sharon has an engaging, intuitive yet pragmatic style and is easy to deal with on a one to one basis. She sets exceptionally high standards and is driven by her values and desire to do the right thing, which is invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Sharon who is well positioned to support organisation development and growth initiatives in the commercial sector".

Dylan Williams, MD, Coutts

"Sharon has coached me for as long as I’ve known her, as my direct line manager, as a colleague and as a friend. Sharon has an excellent coaching style that gets the best out of people. She shows trust and belief in people and encourages them to take on challenges in a positive way and supports them to achieve success. She strikes the right balance between sharing her own knowledge, insights and methods, while allowing others to find their own way. Sharon sees clearly what needs to be done and tenaciously pursues that, motivating and bringing teams along with her. Sharon has had a huge impact on me as a coach, helping me achieve my potential, as well as being a positive and fun person with whom to work".

Sarah Cousins, Senior OD Professional, BHF

"Having known Sharon both in her time as Director, HR at Coutts and as Head of Business Partnering at Equiniti I have seen the impact she has made through strong and highly credible working relationships with senior managers, her warm and motivating leadership of her HR teams, and her easy ability to get to the heart of complex business issues and work at pace with her colleagues to implement practical solutions. It has been a pleasure to work with Sharon on the HR development programmes she sponsored to enhance the business partnering and consulting skills of her HRBP team, capability building of the HR function itself being a high priority for Sharon".

Anton Fishman, AI Educator, Business Adviser, and Organisation Consultant

"As a result of my coaching relationship with Sharon, I am in a new, more senior role with increased opportunities to learn and develop my skills. Sharon has been an invaluable part of this transition process. By helping me to identify and leverage my strengths, she has enabled me to accelerate my learning in a way that has earnt me a seat at the leadership table. Sharon’s approachable, friendly and calm style is backed up by some serious insight and knowledge, and peppered with relevant personal experiences. Our sessions were structured to allow self-reflection with guidance, with deeply engaging conversations focused on achieving the end goal. I have no hesitation in recommending Sharon to anyone who is genuinely interested in uncovering the best of who they are".

Laura Helm, SVP, Strategy & Partnerships at Blend Media - the AR/VR solution


How can I help you?

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